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Sunday, May 25, 2008


the last couple of weeks have been rather interesting. I'm stuck in the countryside at my parents farm, on the place where I grew up. 10 kilometers from next farm and probably somewhere around 30 kilometers from next town. This isolution has proven nothing but positive for me. A good rest from the chaos & sudden changes in the "city". Here on the farm time is still, heck... there isn't even any time. There are no weekends and there are no weekdays. That means no lazy sundays and no crappy mondays. The day can be whatever day I want.

She had painted herself into a corner, while she purged her worries away.

This all has resulted in quite a lot of productivity change in my life. I've been busy designing websites since I arrived here, in my freetime. Otherwise I'm working outside & taking care of the sheep. (600 of them)

I stood beside him, motionless as a tower. The cold wind traveling through the valley couldn't even touch my hair, nor my clothes. Motionless, grinning at the world.

I'm already halfway done with two websites, and while I code on one monitor, i'm mixing the soon to be released Doomsayer tape on the other, sometimes with a movie on the third monitor.

"This is Thunderclap, where clocks run backward and the graveyards vomit out their dead" - Stephen King

I still haven't started working on my solo drone project nor continued work on my video game but that's on my to do list. I might even play a gig in July if i'm feeling up to it.

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