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Monday, May 26, 2008

One Year Later


Saturday, June 2, 2007
Everybody would enjoy having a pet, an invisible friend or something similiar & I discovered one this weekend which I named Barbapapa. A small weird spot on my left brain which decided to have a fight with me last saturday. It all started in the cinema, while I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean 3 with my girlfriend & couple of friends. It started with a pain in the stomach which resulted in vomiting & similar activities, luckily on the bathroom & outside the cinema. My girlfriend suddenly noticed that I was as pale as snow & everything I said made no sense, even if I thought what I said was understandable, minus couple of times I noticed that I forgot words & so on but I never noticed anything major. Shortly after an ambulance came & picked me up & after that my brain started to slowly “restart” itself & I felt better every minute although I still said weird things & for example forgot the name of my girlfriend (which I’ve known very well for a good load of months) & also telling the doctor that me & my girlfriend had been dating for 3 weeks, or at least that’s what I thought I said but few seconds after that my girlfriend says: “uh, baby. We haven’t been dating for 3 years.”.

After that I went through hundreds of examinations & tests & was stuck in the city, Akureyri but I was allowed to leave last wednesday & return to my family here in the countryside.

The doctors don’t know for sure what it is but they have managed to rule out lots of things. According to that, then what happened to me last saturday was some kind of a seizure caused by this weird spot, & there is a big possibility that I will go to the capital city in June for an operation on my brain which will probably result in the removal of Barbapapa.

I simply wanted to get this story off my chest, & in the meantime thank everybody that showed me support during those days. Thanks...

Now, one year later I have both fully recovered and I'm getting off the medicine which means I'm free, except for occasional or yearly checkup at the hospital for my own sake and the sake of science. (the fact is that we still don't know jackshit about the human brain so I guess i'm a rather interesting test subject)

I don't know if it was the drugs I've been chewing on thanks to this tumor or if it was the stress or something else. But I do know that now, a year later and with a lot smaller drug prescription (and in couple of days, none at all) I've felt a lot stronger, refreshed and energetic. It always seems like I'm back to my old self and I'm feeling quite positive about the rest of this year although I will need to start off this happy time by sending my laptop off to repairs, I got a little hunch that the motherboard might be failing on me but I'm not sure. Just want to be on the safe side. While my laptop is away I'm going to try to code on my iMac although it has been getting a bit slow over the years. If that fails I got a big stash of pencils, sketch books, I got my guitar and I got my Doomsayer tapes that I will need to start replicating soon.

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