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Friday, May 30, 2008

Ishikawa Time

About time to shake things up a bit. Today I decided to "unify" my profiles, social websites and all that shit. That means, to make the design a bit more like each other. That said all the pages I operate (or at least the ones i can theme) are now in the same color scheme along with using the same or similar background. I also signed up on Twitter.com and added it on top of the content area of this page. (you can see it above the blog posts) If you don't know what Twitter is then it is sort of like a miniblog, or a status msg blog. No fancy blog posts or images or stuff. just one sentance, more or less and you're good to go. Plus you get to stay tuned with other folks you know.

So like you see, the blog looks a bit different, and also looks a tad bit more like my other sites:
http://www.johannesg.com (under construction)

In other news I'm currently celebrating the fact that I'm free from my medicine and I'm celebrating with a bottle of Bourbon whiskey (Jack Daniels). I'm also bouncing the latest Doomsayer mix and getting the master ready for duplication. Won't be long until this will be ready for release.

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